Life-Changing Outcomes for Exceptional Kids

Specialized Classroom Design

First Children Services contracts with public and private schools to manage the therapeutic and educational needs of students with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Often times, the school setting provides an extremely challenging environment for a child with these challenges.  With so many distractions and other children, the educational progress can be limited.  We can assist in setting up autism, behavior, and/or emotional support classroom settings.

Whether the district has an established specialized program or is just starting one, through our consultative services we can ensure that “best practices” are being implemented in all aspects of the classroom from program development to data collection and behavior intervention strategies.

Our end goal is to empower the classrooms to function as independently as possible and take ownership and responsibility for the continued development of the program.

By outsourcing the management of specialized classrooms to First Children Services, schools often save precious resources. Our highly trained staff will monitor the classroom and provide specific behavioral interventions as needed.

First Children employs the use of the Apple iPad and Apple iPod touch in collecting data, tracking progress and ultimately monitoring results.