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Home Instruction Services

First Children Services has a long history providing home and supplemental instruction to students from school districts throughout New Jersey. We are a Department of Education Approved Clinic and Agency for public school and non public school home instruction, counseling, and related services under our Regional Enrichment and Learning (REAL) Center division. Our teachers are all certified by the State of New Jersey and maintain the proper certification for the subject to be taught.

Standard Home Instruction

First Children Services offers standard home instruction for students who are out of school due to school refusal, illness, injury, or disciplinary reason, including expulsion from school.  Our home instructions services are available for students in elementary school through high school. Our instructors will work with a student in the home, our locations in Cherry Hill, East Windsor, and Fanwood, or an alternative setting such as a public library. We will use an assignment form that can be used by the school district home instructor assigner. We will also track students on a computer program so that we can keep accurate records of students served. We will work with the school district to determine how grades will be given. Some districts prefer their own teachers to assign grades, while others allow our  teachers to provide grades. We will provide a monthly progress report for all students that receive home instruction.  The school districts make teacher email addresses available to our teachers for consistent communication. The district will also provide copies of text books and any other materials that the classroom teacher requires for assignments. All of our instructors have had a criminal history and background checks according to the NJ Department of Education standards.

Supplemental Instruction

First Children Services also provides supplemental instruction to students who are in need of additional assistance in their academic studies.  We provide services after the school day, at the student’s home, school or our location(s).  Our NJ certified instructors supplement and support the student’s classroom instruction.
For more information on our Standard Home or Supplemental Instruction, please contact:

Susan Goldman, Director, Specialized Educational Services

Phone: (856) 888-1097 Ext. 308

Email: sgoldman@firstchildenservices.com

Our Transitions and Balance Programs are available at our Cherry Hill and East Windsor locations.

Contact Us:

For more information on the Transitions and Balance Programs, please contact:
Sonia Cohen
Phone: (856) 888-1097 Ext. 304
Email: transitions@firstchildrenservices.com

Transitions and Balance Program Locations :

Central Jersey
569 Abbington Drive
East Windsor, NJ 08520

South Jersey 
1256 Marlkress Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003