Life-Changing Outcomes for Exceptional Kids

First Children Service is engaging in a new ABA therapy outcomes initiative

First Children Services is engaging in a new outcomes initiative this year to help us track the therapeutic progress of our clients who are receiving applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. We have contracted with an outside agency to analyze key metrics based on data from these clients. Key metrics include average length of treatment, number of positive, negative, and neutral discharges, and number of cases with significant skill gains and/or behavior reductions. Data will be analyzed to determine most common skills gained, most common objectives and goals reached, and most common behaviors reduced or eliminated.

Individuals with autism experience functional problems due to skills deficits and, in many instances, challenging behaviors that interfere with interpersonal relationships and learning objectives. Howard Savin, PhD, Chief Clinical Advisor of First Children Services, explains this initiative as a “process to retool our data system that will allow us to track the achievement of the treatment goals of each client and all clients as to attainment of skills and reduction interfering behaviors. We can thus accurately track and report outcomes of autism treatment to consumers and payers.”