Life-Changing Outcomes for Exceptional Kids

First Children School is taking off to explore the world…from home!

First Children School 2020 Extended School Year

July 6th-August 20th

Monday -Friday: 9am-3pm


Extended School Year Summer Themes:








Week 1: July 6-July 10

First Children School Visits the Beach



Week 2: July 13-July 17

First Children School Goes Camping

  • Miss Dawn’s Camp Read-A-Lot Watch here>
  • Ms. Debbie’s Primary School Class Camping Adventure Watch here>
  • Ms. Peggy‘s Elementary Class Goes Camping-learn to make s’mores with Ms. Karen and Ms. Theresa Watch here>
  • Ms. Jomarie’s Primary School Class Book Backyard Camping Watch here>
  • Mrs. Erin’s and Ms. Jessica’s Primary School Class S’mores Dip Video Watch here>




Week 3: July 20-July 24

First Children School Takes a Journey to Outer Space

  • Counting 1-10 Around the Solar System with Preschool Teacher Ms. Kristen Watch here>
  • Ms. Dawn Reads Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System-listen along with Ms. Trish’s elementary school class Watch here>
  • Make-Your-Own Telescope with Ms. Tricia Watch here>
  • Ms. Christine’s High School Class Goes to the Moon Watch here>
  • Ms. Rachael, TVI,  Sings About The Solar System Watch here>
  • National Geographic Kids’ “Spaced Out” Learn more>



Week 4: July 27-July 31

First Children School Explores Various Habitats

  • Ms. Debbie’s Primary School Class Rainforest Adventure Watch here> 
  • Ms. Kristie’s Class Explores the Rainforest-Ms. Chelsea narrates a rainforest exploration while Ms. Maria signs and dances Watch here>
  • “If I Ran The Rain Forest” with Ms. Dawn’s Primary School Class Watch here>
  • National Geographic Kids’ Types of Habitats Learn more>



Week 5: August 3-August 7

First Children School Time Travels to the Jurassic Age

  • Ms. Peggy’s Class Digs for Dinosaurs with Ms. Theresa and Ms. Karen Watch here>
  • Have You Seen My Dinosaur?-Ms. Allyson reads to her elementary school class. Watch here> 
  • Learning about Dinosaurs and Sorting with Ms. Kristen-A preschool class lesson on sorting Watch here>
  • Dinosaur Preschool Story Time-Ms. Taylor reads dinosaur stories to Ms. Christa’s preschool class. Watch here> 
  • All About Dinosaurs with Mrs. Erin and Ms. Paige-In this video, Mrs. Erin’s primary school class digs for fossils, learns dinosaur names, and reads a poem about counting dinosaurs. Watch here> 
  • Ms. Pam Explores the World of Dinosaurs!-A prehistoric adventure using AAC with Pamela Welch-Reinoso, Speech-Language Pathologist Watch here>
  • Ms. Debbie Signs a Dinosaur Poem Watch here>
  • National Geographic Kids’ “Dino Road Trip” Learn more>



Week 6: August 10-August 14

First Children School Circles the Globe

  • Make Your Own Globe with Ms. Tricia’s Elementary School Class! Watch here
  • Let’s Cook Plantains! Ms. Chelsea demonstrates how to cook plantains as Ms. Kristie’s Class sails to Antigua Watch here>
  • Ms. Christa’s Preschool Class Visits ENGLANfor Afternoon Tea and Scones. Watch here>
  • Ms. Kristen’s Preschool Class Learns All About the USA! Watch here>
  • Welcome to BRAZIL! The students in Ms. Jomarie’s primary class learn all about Brazil with Ms. Rica and Ms. Shylene. Watch here>
  • All About IRELAND! Ms. Klimchak’s  primary school class learns all about the country of Ireland. Watch here>
  • Ms. Dawn reads The Kids Who Traveled the World: Rome, ITALYThis week, Ms. Tricia’s elementary school class is learning all about Italy! Watch here>
  • Let’s Visit Columbia!-Ms. Brittany’s middle school class learns all about COLUMBIA, and Ms. Claudia cooks a traditional Colombian dish. Watch here>
  • Ms. Renee’s High School Class Learns All About INDIAMs. Marjorie teaches the class about the beautiful county of India using a colorful slide show. Watch here>
  • Ms. Renee’s High School Class Discovers the Native Animals of INDIA-Ms. Marjorie teaches the class about the animals of India and their signs. Watch here>
  • Miss Christine’s Class Travels the Globe to AUSTRALIA-Listen as Miss Roseanne shares the sounds of an Australian instrument called the Didgeridoo. Watch here>




Week 7: August 17-August 21

First Children School Pick Your Own Theme Week

  • Miss Rachael, TVI, Goes on a Nature Hunt! Watch here>
  • Ms. Dawn’s Primary School Class Picnic at the Lake!  In this video, Ms. Dawn’s class explores healthy food options. Watch here>
  • Ms. Tricia’s Elementary School Class Goes to Disney World!-Ms. Dawn reads a biography about Walt Disney himself. Watch here>
  • Circus Fun with Ms. Brittany’s Middle School Class!-Watch the seal do tricks, and then visit Ms. Brittany who reads the poem, “Sally the Seal.” Watch here>
  • Ms. Renee’s High School Class Sports Theme-Ms. Marjorie teaches the class about the Special Olympics. Watch here>
  • Ms. Tricia’s Elementary School Class Makes Fireworks to Celebrate the End of Summer ESY! Watch here>