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“Distance Learning for the Special Education Community: Connecting & Customizing” Webinar for Educators

Online Web Conference

Distance Learning for the Special Education Community: Connecting & Customizing

Presented by the First Children School Administrative Team:

Kathleen McCarthy Gorski, MEd, Principal

Elizabeth Clark, MEd, TVI, School Supervisor

Dr. Ellen D’Amato, PhD, School Psychologist


May 1, 2020


Webinar Agenda

  1. Staying Connected with Staff Through Distance Learning-Kathleen McCarthy Gorski
    • Staying Connected: Team Meetings/Teacher Meetings
    • Access: Technological Access
    • Communication Connection: Positivity/Differentiation/Flexibility/Innovation/Scheduling
  2. Connections with Families, Students, and Sending Districts-Ellen D’Amato, PhD
    • Collaboration: History/Families/Child Study Teams/Staff
    • Distant/Remote Strategies: Individualize/Simplify/Practice/Support/Continue
    • Stress Reduction: Natural Environments/Daily Routines/Therapeutic Support
  3. Curriculum Streamlining – “What Does This Look Like?”-Elizabeth Clark
    • Remote Learning Instruction: Packets/Technology Classrooms – Access/Documenting/
    •  Distance Learning: Staff Involvement/Roles
    • Parental Instructional Support: Rapport/Access/Accountability



This webinar is free and open to all educators.

Please register by April 29, 2020.


Contact Sonia Cohen at with any questions.