"Life-Changing Outcomes for Exceptional Kids"


Statement of Commitment to Compliance

The Mission of First Children Services is to provide life-changing outcomes for exceptional kids. In order to support our employees and members in fulfilling this mission First Children pledges to use its best efforts to:

  1.  Clearly communicate with you about job expectations, pay and benefits, opportunities for advancement, changes in policies and other developments with the organization that effects its employees and people served;
  2.   Make opportunities available for you to provide input and feedback and report your concerns about any aspect of the organization and its operations without fear of retaliation;
  3.     Provide counsel and other forms of support in the event that you are unjustly accused of wrongdoing in the normal course of carrying out your duties;
  4.   Make opportunities available to you to improve your skills and effectiveness through supervision, training, continuing education and participation in projects aimed to improve the quality of our services;
  5.   Make timely and accurate payment of wages and salaries; provide reasonable time off and other benefits that will enhance your effectiveness at work as well as the meaningfulness you derive from your work experience;
  6. Provide formal and informal ways of recognizing you for the work that you do;
  7. Ensure that you are treated fairly and equitably by your supervisors and colleagues;

In return, First Children expects you to use your best efforts to:

  1. Always make the health and welfare of those we serve your first priority and, when in doubt of what action to take, do what you know is in their best interests;
  2.  Conscientiously adhere to the organization’s Code of Conduct in all of your interactions with those we serve, their families members, other staff, vendors and contractors, payers and regulators, and members of the communities in which we provide services;
  3. Hold yourself responsible for understanding and following the policies and procedures of the organization.
  4. Be vigilant in preventing, detecting and eliminating waste, fraud, abuse and neglect; and use appropriately the channels of communication provided to report any waste, fraud, abuse and neglect;
  5. Take advantage of the opportunities provided to improve your job performance and effectiveness, especially by participating actively in the supervisory process, attending training programs and volunteering for projects focused on improving the quality of services;
  6.   Utilize the various written and electronic communications instruments provided by First Children to keep current on developments within the organization of importance to you and your job;
  7.   Represent the organization and its services constructively and positively outside of work; use internal means for resolving concerns before reporting to outside organizations; and consider the needs of those we serve over those of yourself at all times;

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